Welcome one and all!!

So glad you’ve made it to The Depressed Caravan!

This is a space where depression is the focus and the norm. Maybe you have experienced depression or you could be wanting to learn about how to support someone with depression.  Either way, I hope that the info on this page can help make you feel like you understand the mental health system and see you on your way to mental wellness.

Please read our blogs about exactly how The Depressed Caravan idea came to life.   Its quite funny how all things work together sometimes and I hope you find the combination of the blog and these pages a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and grow.

The Depressed Caravan is non-gendered and ageless too, so that means there is information for children, young adults, adults and beyond.  If there’s something you think I’ve missed on the website, please get in contact with me and I’ll see how we can resolve it.

The community that will gather around The Depressed Caravan is one in which information about contact services is shared, however if you need counseling we can point you in the right direction.  Also, obviously if there is a mental health emergency contact 000 who can assist, assess and support you.

My life experience includes working in retail, working as a radio presenter and working as a social worker.  In this new chapter of my life, I will be working as your Mental Wellness Mentor.   What on earth is an Mental Wellness mentor you might ask.  Well, I work ALONGSIDE your existing mental health team and pull all of the recommendations together, whilst listening to your voice, to form a plan of what your mental health journey will look like.  We will discuss a plan that is personal to your passions and interests which means no two plans will be alike.  Going through the mental health system myself, there was so much information that I found out through various channels and some topics were not discussed with me at all.  I went on a learning journey that I can now share with you.

My area of expertise is planning and referrals (letting you know where to get the type of service that you may want) and I write exceptionally good support letters.  If you are at the beginning of your mental health journey, you may not have accessed the medical system yet.  I can write a letter outlining your symptoms, what you have noticed about yourself, what you need to know about your treatment options and have this printed on letterhead for your doctor to read when you attend your first appointment.  This is just one example of how The Depressed Caravan can help you.  Contact us today for a costing schedule and to find out if we can support you on your mental health journey.