Moving Forward

After seeing Frankie yesterday, I realised that although Vintage is the way I want to go, it may mean that a vintage van is too small for what I need. I need to fit in brochures from Lifeline, Headspace and Beyond Blue, plus have room for table and chairs to sit at the front of a van and room for the delicious baked goods that I intend to treat people with also. I’m going to need some room. So my search for the perfect van and sponsor continues. I’ve planned an online pop up shop to try to fundraise within the next two weeks and my lamington drive sold only one packet. But I am not dismayed. Taking the Depressed Caravan on a virtual tour of Australia has meant that I have been building a website for the first time ever! It has been a fun experience and I’ve really tried to make the site visually appealing, non-gender specific and simple and clear to access information and understand the mental health system in Australia from the eyes of a person accessing mental health support for the first time. Today I received another encouraging email from a friend stating how much they believe in what I am trying to do, it meant so much to me and has spurred me on with my website to get it published and online as soon as practicable. I just want to help people who have depression like I do. Beyond Blue website indicated that over a million people in Australia have depression and over two million battle anxiety. These numbers are extremely high and I hope that the information I am providing on The Depressed Caravan website can support some of our most vulnerable Australians. There is so much support in the form of telephone services, including online services that people may not know about following their first encounter with the mental health system.  I hope people reach out for the care that they need, that they take that first step to improving their lives and lessen the effects of depression in their own lives.   That’s what the Depressed Caravan is about, helping to change lives by sharing mental health information about existing services with people who are really vulnerable.

Author: thedepressedcaravan

Hey! I am a passionate advocate for those with depression following my own journey with severe depression. I still have depression however I have found a way with professional help and sheer determination, to reach out to others and to stay connected to life and my local community. I LOVE music, art: watercolour and brush lettering and live to help others. I'm very into self-development and love activities that focus on the beauty in life and simple things.

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