Hey Everybody!

Hello everybody, just wanted to let you all know I’ve been thinking of you!!  Have you seen my trillion posts on social media this week, yup Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have all been choccas with helpful quotes to try inspire and uplift you.  I can certainly remember days when it was all that I could do to hold my phone up and scroll looking for something to give me meaning and hope. I can remember one particularly dark day coming across a quote that said ‘what if I feel this way forever?’ and I just cried and cried.  It hit me right where it hurts, in that place where our emotions run deep.  I certainly did think that I would feel so low, so dark, in so much emotional pain forever. Slowly, I began to use social media to begin to reach out to people.  One by one I connected and answered honestly when people would ask me how I was.  Being on social media was my lifeline to the real world, to real people and gently gently I began to use memes or quotes to express the pain that I was feeling.  So much grief and so much pain.  It helped to be able to share with the world how I was feeling. I wonder how you stay connected to your world and the people in it, especially when your depression is at its worst.   Depression feels so isolating, yet over 1 million people experience depression in Australia, or so I am told from Beyond Blue.   I wonder where you all are and how I can connect with some of you.  There are several main organisations that reach out to people with depression but I can’t find a way to connect to you myself yet.  I’m hoping that the Depressed Caravan is an alternative to compliment services that already exist, a more personalised approach to meet you where you are at.  Say hi won’t you so that I know you are there.  Take Care, Tam xx

Author: thedepressedcaravan

Hey! I am a passionate advocate for those with depression following my own journey with severe depression. I still have depression however I have found a way with professional help and sheer determination, to reach out to others and to stay connected to life and my local community. I LOVE music, art: watercolour and brush lettering and live to help others. I'm very into self-development and love activities that focus on the beauty in life and simple things.

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