I look for inspiration for wellness everywhere.  My favourite place to find it is in encouraging quotes so pinterest is a place that you will definitely find me spending lots of time.  But sometimes inspiration can come in the most unlikely of places.  Something I love is my organiser but it’s something I have not looked at since I have had depression.  I was bored one day so I picked it up and started to throw out the inserts from years ago, as I cleaned it out I realised that I actually wanted to use it.  I went onto the website for the amazing Kikki K to order my calendar refills when I found a set called ‘wellness’.  I was immediately drawn to it and I could see that this was exactly what I was looking for, it featured activities for writing down your dreams, reverse bucket list, spaces to write down your food and exercise (good for the future, just not right now).  Here’s something else, it featured Mindfulness activities that actually make sense to me.  I may be shamed here, but I’m actually not a huge fan of mindfulness.  I do think it has some benefit if you have anxiety however.  I  also love the planner pages which ask you what it is the perfect day for and what your weekly goals are.  I’m actually at a point where I have plans for the week that are more than just ‘Survive’!

So I have been able to work through setting goals for the future, (I didn’t realise I had any), write what I am so thankful for, write down what I have achieved so far in my life and it even has a fantastic feature where you can monitor your mood.  Its similar to the K10 I think its called, the form you fill out to monitor your depression and anxiety with your health care professional.  So I am absolutely sold on this organiser that has  inspirational quotes throughout it as well.  It was $20 but it’s had a lot more value than that for me.  I’m not sure that Kikki K have organisers for guys, but its worth getting the inserts just to work through on your own.  It was perfect for me, feeling aimless and wondering if there will ever be more to life than the doctor and medication roundabout.  I realised that there is already so much I have achieved in my life, I have overcome obstacles before and it’s exciting to plan what your goals will be in the future.  Some of them are extravagant and others simple but they are mine oh mine.

Author: thedepressedcaravan

Hey! I am a passionate advocate for those with depression following my own journey with severe depression. I still have depression however I have found a way with professional help and sheer determination, to reach out to others and to stay connected to life and my local community. I LOVE music, art: watercolour and brush lettering and live to help others. I'm very into self-development and love activities that focus on the beauty in life and simple things.

2 thoughts on “Wellness”

  1. Writing down what you’re thankful for is a great habit and it opens up your mind and helps you to appreciate everything you have a lot more, and so it turns your attention to positive things. This post is so inspiring! I think it will help a lot of people!


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