Vacation from your problems!

So hey, I’m Tam. I had a relatively normal life up until three years ago when I was diagnosed with Severe Depression. I’ve gone from crying and sleeping all day to being able to interact with others and trying to reach out to fellow sufferers. I have my own family, being the parent of an almost twenty something and a younger one as well. My husband works full time and is my carer too.

I like to post on Instagram about depression in the hopes that I could inspire someone else, to encourage someone that I’ve had the worst depression but I’ve been able to find ways to enjoy my life as well. I’m not cured but life is certainly much more enjoyable now than it has been over the past couple of years. I definitely want to get that across.

It’s also possible to have depression and to try new things. This year I decided I did not want to be isolated anymore, so I joined two community classes. I was pleased to join in with a group for a short space of time, where my depression wasn’t the main focus. It was so liberating, I felt so free (and nervous) and I found interests that have become passions.

Watercolour painting is the main passion that I now have. Being able to share it in a group of friendly people has been so wonderful. I’m an absolute beginner and I am learning from scratch, but when I glide that paintbrush across the paper, I see beauty, hope and wonder. In that moment I am free, I am myself without the depression, just me. I’m surprised that my art is simplistic, optimistic and pure innocence. After the darkness I have endured, it truly is a gift. An escape, a true vacation from my problems……

Author: thedepressedcaravan

Hey! I am a passionate advocate for those with depression following my own journey with severe depression. I still have depression however I have found a way with professional help and sheer determination, to reach out to others and to stay connected to life and my local community. I LOVE music, art: watercolour and brush lettering and live to help others. I'm very into self-development and love activities that focus on the beauty in life and simple things.

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