Finding the One!

It’s important to know about the health care professional you are going to work with. Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists need to adhere to a code of ethics and you can also ask if they are a member of their professional body.

When you first meet with your health care professional, you may have a sense of if they will be able to work well with you, trust may be established and the healing process may begin. However, if you have seen them on a number of occasions, without progress, it is fair to asks if these appointments are being successful in making a change to your depression. It is okay to have this discussion with your health care professional, or alternatively you could make an appointment with your general practitioner and let them know your thoughts or concerns. They may be able to provide the contact details for another health care professional of you may decide to continue on.

The six sessions with a health care professional under a Mental health care plan are designed for you to get the very best for your Mental health. You are also able to attend your Gp for a review of your mental health care plan for a further four subsidised appointments with a health care professional.