Mental Health Care Plans

When your Mental health care plan is complete your general practitioner will have referred you to one of a range of professionals. Usually your referral will be to a Psychologist however it can include Social Workers and Hypnotherapists as well.

A Mental health care plan offers you subsidised fees for six visits when you attend an appointment with a Psychologist, Social Worker or Hypnotherapist. It is important to ask if the health care professional you want to see, if they accept Mental health care plans and how much the fee is. For some health professionals there can be no fee charged, but you can expect a longer waiting period than if you pay a gap for service in some cases.

After the six visits with your health care professional, you can attend a Mental health care plan review with your general practitioner and at this appointment, the general practitioner has the discretion to provide you with four more appointments for the year.

You will usually need to telephone the health professional that the general practitioner has referred you to. Remember, if there is a health professional that you would like to see, you can give their name and contact details to the general practitioner.

Depending upon your level of care, your general practitioner may refer you to a psychiatrist, however this usually takes place if you have been in hospital due to your mental health. This can be accessed publically or privately if you are in a position to pay for the gap.