Pleased to meet you!

Hey! My name is Tam. I had a wonderful life when after a series of stressful events I had a breakdown in mid-2015 and developed severe depression which absolutely rocked my world. After a gruelling commitment, I fought to try regain my life however I’ve had to give up my career as a professional social worker and my hobby business Love by Tamara, a cupcake, sweet treat and party planning business.

I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth in these past two and a half years and I have a real passion for helping others who have struggled with depression and anxiety like I have.

In moving forward I recently launched my own YouTube channel, formerly known as TamRocks777 and now known as The Depressed Caravan,  which focuses on mental health and self-care.

I’d love to combine my passions, including my desperate longing to renovate a vintage caravan! I’m talking melancholy bunting, vintage tea parties and a sweet little cupcake window sill.  For those that aren’t into that, I’m pretty sure Ginger Beer and Vegan Pizza could fit the bill.

I’d like to travel around Adelaide and Australia in a vintage caravan or as a motivational speaker,  to share my own story of depression and my journey to wellness. Even if I make a difference to only one person it’s worth it. (Though I hope to help many more!)

I just can taste the excitement of meeting new friends and inviting them to the frontage of The Depressed Caravan for a vintage afternoon tea to listen to their stories and to share what I know!

I envision The Depressed Caravan to offer a universal approach to caring for those with depression or anxiety, with pamphlets from lifeline, kids helpline, beyond blue and headspace; internet availability to access Webchat, live chat for youth or parents of youth under 25 years and to provide online information about local services. Note: The depressed caravan is not a counselling or crisis service. It is an information hub about healthy mental health.

So, with all things modern, I have decided to start a webpage and blog following this journey to the Depressed Caravan. Yes, The Depressed Caravan is going virtual before our maiden voyage. I already have funded the domain name and have secured so now its time to organise the hosting and some funky promotional material.  I will be sending postcards of support to people with depression at no charge, this is the caring outreach side of The Depressed Caravan.

I have asked for my first goal of $250 on my GoFundMe page .  If you feel you can donate that would be wonderful or otherwise you could give me feedback or share my website, Instagram, facebook, twitter and YouTube accounts with people who you know may be depressed or supporting people with depression also.