What do people say about me?

The Depressed Caravan is a fabulous idea!

I met Tam a few years ago when we both volunteered to be moderators on a Sampson Flat Bushfire Facebook page. A page seen by millions and helped many impacted by the fires and those who wanted to volunteer and contribute to the recovery efforts. It was 24/7 and a very busy page.

I got to spend numerous hours chatting with Tam and later meeting her and saw the amazingly generous and caring spirit she has. She spent time out with many of those impacted by the fires and helped in any way she could.

This caring spirit, despite her struggles with depression in recent times is always there and it shows in her endeavours to try and get this Depressed Caravan idea up and running.

Having dealt with depression myself in the past I understand the need for those impacted by mental health issues to have support. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed for some and having a place that helps encourage someone to get up and just go have a chat with someone can make a world of difference to some who may not have that close support from family, friends or other health professionals.

Some may ask, should this be something Tam does whilst she herself battles depression. Why not?! If there is anyone who understands and can provide empathy it’s Tam. It’s also a great challenge for her to improve her own health and she knows her own limitations so I have no doubt she could make a success of this and help so many including herself with this. Her social work skills and experience will hold her in good steed.

I wish Tam all the best moving forward with this project and I encourage anyone who can help get it up and running.
Good luck Tam! You go girl!